Minutes of the 2005-2006 Annual Meeting
of the Voting Member Council on March 17, 2005

(NOTE: The Proctor Museum of Natural Science, Inc. is abbreviated as PMNS;
The Voting Member Council is abbreviated herein as VMC;
and the Board of Directors is abbreviated herein as the Board.
Current fiscal year refers to the upcoming 2005-2006 Fiscal Year

Minutes of the 2005-2006 Annual Meeting of the Members of PMNS on March 17, 2005

The Members of the Voting Member Council of THE PROCTOR MUSEUM OF NATURAL SCIENCE, met at the Glendale Mediation Center, in the City of Houston, Harris County, Texas on March 17, 2005 at 6:30 P.M. and the following business was conducted.

2004-2005 President Duanne Clark was unable to attend the Annual Meeting, so 2004-2005 Board Chairman, Terry Proctor, called the Annual Meeting to order of the Voting Member Council.

A quorum was present to conduct business.

Those present for this Annual Meeting were (in alphabetical order):

Terry Brawner
Terrell W. "Terry" Proctor, J.D.

Anna Stanley
plus proxies

(it was noted that a number of 2004-2005 Board members had schedule conflicts this year and could not attend).

Notice of the Annual Meeting: Board Chairman, Terry Proctor, announced that all 2004-2005 members of the VMC of the PMNShad been contacted by mail and virtually all in person as well. This year, along with the Notice of this Annual Meeting of the PMNS, was included a PMNS Knife (somewhat like a Swiss Army Knife with multiple blades). Nominees for membership on the PMNS VMC and Board were contacted regarding interest in serving.
After some pre-business discussion on various matters of the members visiting with each other, the PMNS proceeded with the business of the meeting as follows:

The minutes of the March 17, 2004 were provided to the members by the VMC at the VMC Meeting. This minutes have also been on the PMNS website for most of the past year. There was a motion by Terry Brawner that the minutes be approved as presented, seconded by Anna Stanley. The motion carried unanimously.

The PMNS Treasurer, was not present, but the treasurer's report was made showing that the present balance is $861.02, including dues paid and not yet deposited.

It was reported that more membership renewals have come, and earlier, than in past years.


Board Chairman, Terry Proctor called for election of Officers for the VMC.

The floor was opened for nominations for President, and after some discussion regarding the relative availability, interest and qualifications, Terry T. Brawner was nominated by Anna Stanley and seconded by Terry T. Brawner. There being no further nominations, the vote was called and Terry T. Brawner was elected President by acclamation.

The floor was opened for nominations for Vice-President. Terry T. Brawner nominated by Anna Stanley, which was seconded by Anna Stanley. There being no further nominations, the vote was called and Anna Stanley was elected Vice-President by acclamation.

The floor was opened for nominations for Secretary. Patricia Ann Garrett was nominated by Terry Brawner, which was seconded by Anna Stanley. There being no further nominations, the vote was called and Patricia "Pat" Garrett was elected Secretary by acclamation.

The floor was opened for nominations for Treasurer. Anna Stanley nominated David William Proctor, which was seconded by Terry Brawner. There being no further nominations, the vote was called and David William Proctor was elected Treasurer by acclamation.

Therefore, your 2005-2006 Officers will be:

President: Terry Brawner
Vice-Pres.: Anna Stanley
Secretary: Patricia "Pat" Garrett
Treasurer: David William Proctor

On motion by Terry Proctor and seconded by Anna Stanley, there was a motion that the By-laws be suspended for this one year only and all persons elected as Voting Council Members and to the Board be elected for one year only; that those elected to the Board of Directors hold membership as both members of the Voting Member Council and on the Board, subject to the payment of the requisite PMNS dues and that such persons accept the election as a member of the Voting Member Council and to the Board. Other persons who wished to be on the Voting Member Council, would be able to do so, as usual, subject to payment of the requisite dues and acceptance of membership. There being no other motion or amendment, the President called for the vote on this motion, which passed by acclamation.

Terry Proctor asked for discussion as to the number of Directors for the current fiscal year and for nominations for Directors to the PMNS Board. After some discussion, there was a motion by Anna Stanley, seconded by Terry Brawner to set the number of Directors at forty (40) for the current fiscal year. There being no other motion or amendments, the vote was called for the number of Directors for the current fiscal year to be set at forty (40) passed unanimously.

Terry Proctor presented a list of twenty-nine (29) persons who were nominated to be Directors for the March 17, 2005-2006 fiscal year, virtually all of whom he had contacted and had agreed to be on the Board this upcoming year. Terry requested that the Executive Committee be allowed to fill the remaining eleven (11) Director positions with other interested persons during the year, who would be beneficial to the PMNS to be Directors. A motion was made by Terry Proctor that the 40 Board positions be filled with the 30 persons nominated and the 10 to be filled by the Executive Committee, which was seconded by Terry Brawner and the vote was unanimous. These 29 persons are listed below in these Minutes.

Terry Proctor announced that he had recently attempted to contact Paleontologist, Robert T. Bakker, Ph.D., to thank him for having served on the PMNS Board for the current year and request his continued Board membership for the upcoming year. He will continue to do so and those in attendance expressed their appreciation for the interest and support of Dr. Bakker.


The following old business was discussed and acted upon as follows:

Report on the PMNS web site https://proctormuseum.us. The museum web site now has hundreds if not over 1,000 pages. Anna Stanley, who is Curator of the Paleo-Pelagica Museum commented on how impressed she was with the PMNS web site. Terry Proctor, Curator pointed out some of the new pages which had been added. The size of space on the internet web site has been increased considerably so that it can continue to grow into the future.

Terry Proctor reported that the 501c3 IRS status should be reinstituted shortly and it will apply back to all gifts made "ab initio", i.e. from the time that PMNS first received its' 501c3 status. Hence any gifts made to the PMNS will be considered as tax deductible, according to IRS.

There was a group discussion about trips to be taken. Anna Stanley has a friend who owes her a favor which would be part of a trip to Colorado, Wyoming, Montana etc. this summer. Texas trips were discussed to Brownwood, Stone City (Bryan), Little White Rock Creek (Trinity) as well as a large trip out of Texas to the North and West as mentioned above.

Terry Brawner has a friend whom he can work with on a trip in Illinois and surrounding areas. Terry Brawner will be going to MAPS this year in April. He will report to us on that trip. Terry Proctor reported that another trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma may be scheduled for leaf fossils, which we have previously collected there.

There were reports on the condition of the PMNS Building; on the exhibits; on trips this past year; on membership and a number of other matters.

Here is the list of the 29 Directors elected for 2005-2006

  • Robert T. Bakker, Ph. D., Paleontologist
  • Oscar Baird, retired Inventor
  • Hector Barkley, CPA
  • Terry Brawner, President PMNS & 2003-2004 Pres. PMNS
  • Roberto Brunel, Engineer
  • Javier Castellanos, Explorer
  • Jenelle (Nolan) Chamberlain, J.D., Attorney, retired
  • Duanne Keith Clark, Quality Control Inspector & 2004-2005 Pres. PMNS
  • Martha Tamez Clark, Educator
  • Prof. Robert H. Cross, Ret., former Geology Prof.
  • Frank Garcia, Paleontologist-formerly with the Smithsonian Institute
  • Patricia Ann "Pat" Garrett, self-employed used book seller and business owner & Secretary PMNS
  • Phyllis B. George, Author and Editor
  • Jim Holdeman, Ret.
  • Oscar B. Laird, Inventor and Paleontologist
  • Maureen Millen, Media Consultant
  • Donald H. Nowlin, M.D., Physician
  • David W. Proctor, Administration-Harris County Tax Office & Treasurer PMNS
  • Terrell W. "Terry" Proctor, J.D., Attorney/Mediator, former Judge, PMNS Chairman, Curator & General Counsel
  • Peter J. Ragusa, Ret. and Explorer & Rockhound
  • Diana Kay Saufley, R.N.
  • Vic Saufley, B.S. with Waste ManagementPauline Singleton, Druggist, Horse expert & Rockhound
  • Robert Sinibaldi, Ph.D., Educator, Author & Diver
  • Roy Smith, Ret. explorer and collector
  • Anna Stanley, Plant Designer & Museum Curator & Vice-Pres. PMNS
  • W. Terry Stiles, Administrator A&M Veterinary School & Paleontologist
  • Capt. Joel A. Vinluan, Ship Captain
  • David W. Wolf, Paleontologist, fossil preparator
  • Herman Clifford Wood, M.D., Physician & Inventor

plus eleven (11) additional persons to be appointed by the Executive Committee during the year, upon payment of dues and acceptance of a position as Director.

A motion was made to adjourn, which was seconded and unanimous. After the VMC Meeting, the Board Meeting commenced.

Minutes of the 2005-2006 Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors on March 17, 2005

The Board of Directors of THE PROCTOR MUSEUM OF NATURAL SCIENCE, met at the Glendale Mediation Center, in the City of Houston, Harris County, Texas on March 17, 2005 immediately following the VMC Annual Meeting, and conducted the following business.

The Board Meeting was called to order by Board Chairman, Terry Proctor.

There was a motion made by Terry Brawner and seconded by Anna Stanley that an Executive Committee for the 2005-2006 fiscal year be established, which would consist of the Officers of the Board of Directors elected on this date plus the President of the VMC and that such Executive Committee would be authorized to approve new Voting Members during the year and to operate the PMNS without additional authority during the year, except on matters of capital investment, incurring debt, or other major matters, which would come back to the Board. All of these matters are subject to ratification by the Board, who have final authority over the actions of the VMC. These matters are to be presented to the Board for their approval and upon the Board's approval and ratification, would become effective for the current fiscal year. Upon voice vote, such motion passed unanimously.

The following persons therefore will be the Executive Committee for 2005-2006.


Vice-Chairman: ANNA STANLEY





2005-2006 Board Chairman & Curator, Terry Proctor, gave a report on the PMNS as follows:

Building: physical building is in pretty fair shape, but the garage door needs replacing and there is some shifting which has caused cracks in the corners inside the building. Therefore there are some minor repairs needed. The building still needs painting badly, only worse now. A paint job is expected before long, on the outside of the building.

Displays: PMNS is still bursting at the seams with things to exhibit, especial fossils, minerals and shells. However, things are in disorganized status because of Curator's time limitations because of his law practice. We need some work days to clear things out, which are not needed and to organize, clean, identify, label and display the really good things in the PMNS. Special appreciation is extended to Pat Garrett who spent a day helping the Curator clean the PMNS and clear out things which were taking up space. Pat has offered to come back and help arrange the books in the Library so that books on particular subjects are easier to find.

The PMNS now has on loan a T-Rex leg bone, loaned by Curator Terry Proctor. A number of new impressive items have also been loaned by Terry Proctor this past year. Also on loan is a really great unidentified Crinoid which was recently prepped again by David Wolf who found this specimen at the Brownwood Lake Spillway and had sold it to Terry Proctor. Also presented to the membership at this meeting were the number of Archaeocidaris Spiny Sea Urchins, found by Terry Proctor and prepped by David Wolf for him.


Curator, Terry Proctor, requested suggestions of things the PMNS could do this year to improve our services to the community. All persons present had suggestions, and these were some of the things discussed

Terry Proctor again reminded that we need to do a general cleaning up the PMNS, probably with one or two work days during the year.

Anna Stanley again suggested some Saturday afternoon work shops at the PMNS.

The members were reminded that PMNS dues may now be paid on line, by using PayPal.

Those present again discussed the potential for having speakers at public places, such as schools, to speak on science with notice to the science teachers in the area.

There being no further business of the Board, a motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously to adjourn.


Respectfully submitted,

Patricia Ann Garrett
2005-2006 Secretary, Voting Member Council and Board