on St. Patrick's Day

THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 2011 @ 6:00 P.M.

at the Museum's Office--630 UVALDE ROAD, HOUSTON, TEXAS 77015-3766



The PROCTOR MUSEUM OF NATURAL SCIENCE, Inc. was incorporated on March 17, 1989 as a Texas 'not for profit' museum and the PMNS has IRS approval as an entity to which donations may be made and deducted for Federal Income Tax purposes.

For 22 years we have had WHOLLY FREE admission to the Museum and provided FREE programs in schools, churches, civic groups, social organizations, professional groups and done other educational outreach to the community, State and Nation. Many of our presentations in the past three years have been in conjunction with Houston Gem & Mineral Society, of which your Board Chairman was President of that Group. Houston Gem & Mineral Society has an Outreach Program which dove-tails with what the PMNS is doing so this has worked well and will continue to do so.

Our Board of Directors has grown from the six initial incorporators to over 35 Board members including some of the most illustrious experts in the field of science, business and other vocations.

We are flattered and honored to now have on our Board of Directors such folks as:

Robert T. Bakker, PhD (of Colorado, Author and America's leading Paleontologist and expert on dinosaurs, seen on T.V.; was a consultant on the movie Jurassic Park; is respected as a Worldwide authority on Paleontology; currently he is the interim Vertebrate Paleontology Curator at the Houston Museum of Natural Science and is helping build the four times bigger display there);

Peter Larson (of the Black Hills Institute, who is the paleontologist whose group found and excavated the most complete T-Rex in history, known as 'SUE' which dinosaur now resides in Chicago's Field Museum after they purchased it for $8,600,000.00. Peter is respected nationwide as a speaker at Gem & Mineral groups and scientific meetings and has authored numerous articles on paleontology);

Patrick J. Lewis, Ph.D. of the Dept. of Biological Sciences at Sam Houston State University (In 2007 in Egypt his group found the oldest known pre-historic primate and more pre-historic primates in one place than ever found before; in 2008 his group excavated a cave in Botswana and found the oldest pre-historic Black Rhinoceros; he has spoken to the Houston Gem & Mineral Society twice and is scheduled to speak again in the fall to HGMS);

Dinosaur George Blasing (he has a series on T.V. called the "Jurassic Fight Club" about dinosaurs; for years he has presented dinosaur programs and sold replicas of dinosaurs and other Paleontological replicas.

Many members of the Houston Gem & Mineral Society, a number of whom are Earth Scientists, along with other professionals, housewives, blue collar and white collar folks who are interested in natural science like all members of the Proctor Museum

We could list so many more outstanding Board Members, all of whom we greatly appreciate their loyalty to our Board. This small Natural Science Museum undoubtedly has the most prestigious board of directors, of any small Natural Science Museum in the Nation.


The PMNS roof was promptly repaired after Hurricane Ike put five holes in the roof. However, the electrical power was torn off the Museum building and needs to be reinstalled before the Museum physical building can be reopened. We hope to have this done before long. NOTHING HAS STOPPED OUR ONLINE MUSEUM SITE HOWEVER, FROM CONTINUING TO ADD NEW TRIPS, NEW INFORMATION, NEW ITEMS TO "WHAT IS IT", NEW BIOGRAPHIES, NEW ARTICLES AND MANY OTHER NEW ITEMS ADDED.


For the information of PMNS members, as your Board Chairman and Curator, I completed my third term as President of the Houston Gem & Mineral Society, Inc. in 2010 for my third term. In 2011 I will be Past President and hopefully have more time to devote to the PMNS.


We know that some PMNS Members live too far away to attend this annual meeting, but we always invite everyone who can attend to do so. This year we are celebrating our 22nd Anniversary & the Start of our 23rd Year.

Here are some
new things we are doing this next year:


There will be a fairly short Voting Member Council meeting followed by an even shorter meeting of the Board of Directors. Refreshments will be served at the meeting. We hope to see you at this meeting.


To contact the PROCTOR MUSEUM OF NATURAL SCIENCE, INC. you may call the Museum @ (713) 453-8363 or if out of town, call Board Chairman Terry Proctor at law office FREE phone number which is 1-800-472-5721; or FAX us at (713) 453-3232; or email Terry at or call Terry on his cell phone (713) 453-1300.

A proxy is enclosed, in case you cannot make the meeting. Please sign and return to the Museum by email to OR in the enclosed envelope. If you were on the Board last year and receive this notice this will be considered to be your invitation to be on the 2011-2012 Board of Directors, unless you notify us that you do not wish to be on the Board next year.


Thank you for being a member of the Proctor Museum of Natural Science, Inc.
or a potential member and this notice is extended to you to become a member in 2011-2012
Please visit our large Museum website, enjoy it and tell others about it
located at

Terrell William 'Terry' Proctor, J.D., 2010-2011 Board Chairman, PMNS

David Proctor, 2010-2011 President Voting Member Council, PMNS