No two Orders of Insects and Bugs are more responsible for death and suffering to humans and other living things, than do the Orders of DIPTERA and SIPHONAPTERA. (The Order SIPHONAPTERA includes fleas.)

DIPTERA includes flies, mosquitos, midges and gnats.

The reason that these two Orders have species which are so deadly and disastrous to humans and other living things is that they carry deadly pathogens.

Female mosquitos, of some species, suck blood from other living things, in order to be able to lay their eggs. Malaria and other pathogens need mosquitos as a vector in at least a three way procedure, passing on the pathogens from their bodies to the blood stream of their victims, when they suck the blood from the victim.

Fleas (Siphonaptera) are similar, as they all such blood and in so doing pass on dangerous pathogens to their victims as well. Fleas suck blood from rats, which carry the "Bubonic Plague" bacteria, then transmit this pathogen to humans, when the flea bites a human for the human's blood.

While some flies do bite (such as horse flies and deer flies), the main disaster caused by flies comes from their life style: Many flies live upon feces, rotting garbage and other things which carry disease. The flies walk around in and burrow through such verminous material, picking up virus and bacteria pathogens on their feet and bodies. The flies then walk around on the food and surfaces which humans will come into contact with. Flies even crawl around on the, bodies and into the mouths, eyes and wounds of humans and other living thing, thereby spreading the pathogens, which in turn infect the other living thing.

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