This poem appeared in the March 2006 Backbenders Gazette, the publication of the Houston Gem & Mineral Society.
This poem was not submitted for competition in 2006 Adult Poetry category because Terry's poem 'This Old Hammer' was submitted
for competition in the South Central Federation of Mineral Societies and the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies.


© 2006 Terrell William "Terry" Proctor, J.D.

Dedicated to my fellow rockhounds
who have had pleasant finds

I had come a couple thousand miles,
seeking to find some dinosaur bones.
Hoping to find something, to bring smiles,
knowing this meant moving, a lot of stones.
Climbing and digging, going about my toil,
suddenly it was there, on top of the soil.

I had thought I was on virgin ground,
on buttes and ravines, quite remote.
Yet here was an old hammer, I had found,
this tool, someone else once did tote.
So, I was not the first, to this place,
another had been to this very space.

Before me now, lay this long lost hammer,
Etched in rust, but it spoke to me aloud.
"What am I doing here?" it did stammer,
"Long ago we stood, with bone so proud?"
"Held by another like you, who came before.
another venturer, out to explore".

"You are not the first to find this place,
we were here before you, long ago";
Looking around, there's no other trace,
After you, there will be others, also".
"So now, pick me up, and take me home,
Then sit you down, and write a tome".

As I write, I can but now wonder,
who carried this hammer, was it mislaid?
or was it dropped, in some strange blunder?
seeking more fossils, had the owner strayed?
Every rockhound carries, this trusty tool,
No one would throw it away, except a fool.

Holding this archaic tool of the past,
I know it is rusted and beyond repair.
I can but wonder, who held it last,
who learned it was missing, in despair.
No, I was not the first, to that place,
but old hammer, you'll now rest in my bookcase.

written by Terrell William "Terry" Proctor, J.D
16 January 2006 12:50 A.M.
Houston, Texas

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