JOHN EMERSON & wife, BARBARA "BOBBIE" EMERSON were long time members of the Houston Gem & Mineral Society and especially the Paleo Section. John served as President of HGMS back about 1993 or 1994, as I recall. Unfortunately, Bobbie died on January 14, 2009. Both John and Bobbie had donated a great deal of time and talent to HGMS over the years. John Emerson was President of HGMS the year that Club paid off their wonderful clubhouse at Hwy 59 South and Beltway 8 West, in Houston, Harris County, Texas.

The Emersons have co-authored at least one of the HGMS-Paleo Section Books along with Tom & Rosemary Akers. John and Bobbie then authored their own book "Middle Eocene Claiborne Group Invertebrate Fossils from Stone City Bluff, Burleson County, Texas" published in 2001. The HGMS-Paleo Section received a royalty on each book sold and may still have a few available.

The Proctor Museum of Natural Science has benefitted from a donation by John and Bobbie Emerson about 2005 to your Curator of some boxes of fossils, shells & other marine life. One of the really important things given to your Curator, which is on display at this time, was a really great collection of Bryozoans, complete with labels showing their scientific names. This display had been used for HGMS Shows in prior years and is one of the many great displays now at the Proctor Museum of Natural Science.

The Emersons did an exceptionally good job in digging out, preparation and storage of specimens with the result that these items are in excellent shape. Some are identified and some are not. However, their publication 'Middle Eocene Claiborne Group Invertebrate Fossils from Stone City Bluff, Burleson County, Texas, published in 2001 is an excellent source to help with further identification and labeling these specimens).

The book information has been available on the Emerson's website, but it is now out of print as a published book. John Emerson has told us, as of July, 2009, that it can still be obtained from him on CD by contacting him at his email address, jab77077@yahoo.com. There also may be some printed editions and disks available from the Paleo Section of the Houston Gem & Mineral Society. You can call HGMS at (281) 530-0942 and leave a message on the Paleo extension or write to the Paleo Section at 10805 Brooklet at Rockley, Houston, Texas 77099.

The old order form from the Emerson's former website is no longer good to order the published book, but in order to provide you with the mailing address and other information, you can click here to see their old ORDER FORM. DO NOT SEND IN AN ORDER FOR THE PUBLISHED BOOK, AS YOUR PAYMENT WILL ONLY HAVE TO BE RETURNED TO YOU, but you can use this form to obtain information to contact John Emerson if you want to order a disk.

Click here for or some eArt Scans and photos on the Stone City formation (a/k/a Whiskey Bridge) by the Curator of the PMNS (use the Emerson's book for their identification information).