The history of science is full of many important and interesting scientists, explorers, researchers, and personalities (a nice way of saying some of them were-....well, hmmm). Of course, we cannot began to list even a small percentage of these folks on this site or the Biographies Section, but we will list some and add more from time to time.

     This site is to provide our visitors with some biographical information on some of these important and interesting characters in science. Some are contemporary and some are historical (i.e. deceased, both recently and long ago). They vary in fields of interest, but many are or were involved in geology and paleontology, although some were in other fields of natural and Earth science. Some of the scientists hold degrees and others became prominent without a degree or formal training. Some are local to the Greater Houston Area or at least to Texas, where the Proctor Museum of Natural Science is located and others are known nationally and some internationally.

     There is much more information about all of those listed, than is provided here. However, we hope that provided what we do here, may help you to get to know these people better and may help students in doing research. We encourage anyone to do additional research in libraries, online and other sources and not accept this material as being the complete resort for accuracy or completeness. We believe and hope that this Biographies Section will help.

     Review the alphabetical listing of scientists below to find the person you may be looking for. Then just CLICK on the name of the person whom you want to know about, and this will take you to the biographical information on that individual. Some persons listed, such as your Proctor Museum Curator, are listed just so you will have information you may wish on such person, not necessarily because such person has achieved any special scientific recognition. Note that * before a name means the person is deceased.

Here are those whose Biographies currently appear in this
Proctor Museum of Natural Science Biography Section: