Other than speech and fire, perhaps nothing has advanced humankind over the time which this species has existed, as much as the discovery of writing, then printing and finally the READING of BOOKS.

Just what constitutes a book? That is probably a good question. Anything more than one page may qualify as a book, I suppose, in some fashion. Shorter printed material is usually not referred to as a book, but to such names as:

  • pamphlets
  • booklets
  • brochures
  • leaflets
  • bulletin
  • tract
  • report
  • flyer
  • manual

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A book is usually about an area (geographic, time frame, subject matter, etc.), a subject (such as law, medicine, geology, for examples), place(s), person(s), concept, philosophy, history, "how to do" something, animal(s), fiction, poetry, politics, religion or one of hundreds of thousands of other subject matter. It usually has at least sixteen pages and many have thousands of pages.

Books are a fairly recent development in the history of humankind. Depending upon whose concept you read, the history of some form of humanoids goes back at least a million years or more. However, homo sapiens is only into the thousands of years, although the time line for any human form keeps getting pushed back further and further as new remains are found and identified in the world.

The oldest form of writing is probably what could be considered the oldest books. Sumerians used cuneiform alphabet, pressed in clay with a triangular stylus. The clay tablets were dried and some times fired to make them more permanent. Interestingly, some of these had clay envelopes, and the envelopes were also inscribed.

This is a brief introduction to books and the history of writing. More on this is included in an Article on the history of writing, if you wish to go to the Master Index and click on Articles and then find the one on the History of Writing.

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