Christmas Cactus
a/k/a Crab Cactus
a/k/a Claw Cactus
Christmas Cactus and
Closet Plant
Closet Plant
a/k/a Peace Lily

This is the eighth year that Terry Proctor has composed a new Christmas poem and for five of the last six years he has drawn a pencil or pen and ink drawing to go with his original poem. So here are Terry's 2003 Pen & Ink drawing and original poem. ENJOY!!!



Poems are written, by such as I,
attempting to create a mood;
of Jesus Christ, whom we glorify,
of our sins, in Him, subdued.
Christmas, a time of FAITH, HOPE & JOY,
A time for building, not to destroy.

Easy it would be, to be dismayed,
in a World of terror and pain;
leaders, whose people have been betrayed,
by their corruption, death and gain.
History tells us, this will be forever,
but our Savior will leave us, never.

If we but look, at the past,
we learn that things do repeat;
In earlier times, the horrors were vast,
but the despots all met defeat.
The saints were those who chose to stand,
refusing to bow to a Tyrant's demand.

When God gave us life, here on Earth,
He gave us a freedom of choice;
A life to live, not based on birth,
But how we followed our Savior's voice.
FAITH, HOPE & JOY Christ taught us to seek,
in our heart His teachings, as we speak.

On this Earth, there are many a creed,
most believe there's but one God;
Christians, Jews and Muslims heed,
only the one Creator do we laud.
FAITH, HOPE & JOY we all should pursue,
praying for all, that's good and true.

14 December 2003 11:15 P.M.
Houston, Texas
[This is the eighth year of Terry's original
poems & either Pen & Ink or Pencil Drawing
created especially for Christmas]

A blessed Christmas & a
most prosperous New Year

Terry & Delilah Proctor &
grandson Julien Vinluan