invite you to the First HGMS OUTREACH PROGRAM.

13207 Orleans Street in the Fellowship Hall on Corpus Christi side

You will have a chance to use a Genie jewelry making machine
to grind and polish a gemstone to make a piece of jewelry.

This is a 'Genie' jewelry making machine from Diamond Pacific. These machines cost $1,200 up to over $2,000 or more. HGMS will furnish a couple of these for visitors to learn on at this meeting.

HGMS members will be present to show you how to do this and there will be instructions
on making jewelry and on Earth Science through the Houston Gem & Mineral Society.

The Houston Gem & Mineral Society is over 50 years old. HGMS's Charter calls for this organization to provide education on Earth Science and jewelry making. HGMS has a large, very active, Youth Section in which children of all ages learn about the Earth, how to make jewelry, how to collect minerals and fossils, then display them.

The new Outreach Program is designed to set up Eight (8) Harris County Districts (which are the same as the 8 JP/Constable Precinct boundaries. In each District, some HGMS members will be finding a location where 3 or 4 times a year, programs will be presented to citizens of that District. Programs may be in jewelry making, as this program at Holy Trinity United Methodist Church on June 27; or PBS type films on Earth Science; or presentations and talks by HGMS members, including providing some Show and Tell minerals and fossils the member has collected; or presentations on how to facet precious stones or cut and polish cabochons; and other things which HGMS Sections do regularly at the HGMS clubhouse.

Membership in HGMS is very reasonable, and much less annually than many other forms of entertainment. Additionally, HGMS members have a chance to learn from monthly programs, lectures, and classes regularly conducted at the HGMS club house.

The HGMS website is http://www.hgms.org You can see the different Sections of this great organizations to which you would automatically be a member, if you join HGMS. If you are interested in membership, you can call HGMS at (281) 530-0942 or call HGMS President, T. W. 'Terry' Proctor, J.D. at his law office (713) 453-8338 or the Proctor Museum of Natural Science at (713) 453-8363 or HGMS Membership Vice-President Beverly Mace at (281) 347-3636.
The Proctor Museum of Natural Science, Inc. was incorporated on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 1989 and just celebrated its 20th year as a TOTALLY FREE museum of Natural Science. It is located just off Uvalde in the North Channel area.
Hurricane Ike felled a large oak tree on the museum building, putting five holes in the roof, tore all electrical off the museum and broke out a window. The holes were covered and repaired without internal damage. It may be some time before the electrical can be repaired however.
However, the Proctor Museum has over 1,500 pages on its website, https://proctormuseum.us.

For 20 years, the dues to be an individual member of Proctor Museum has not changed. It is $15.00. This year, members get a mug with the Hadrosaurus shown above on the porcelain mug.
Proctor Museum has some very well-known and leading Paleontologists on its Board of Directors. For a small natural science museum it has always had good public support, a great website visited by thousands of people annually, and yet kept the dues to a very small amount.

We hope you will visit our large, interesting website and that students will find valuable information there for school projects and for families to find great trips to see and collect minerals, fossils and photographs.

Field trips are taken by members of both the Houston Gem & Mineral Society members (especially the Paleontology and Mineral Sections) and by members of the Proctor Museum. Sometimes there are joint trips, such as an annual trip to dig middle Eocene marine fossils at 'Whiskey Bridge' near Bryan Texas. Usually, after a long morning dig, the Administrator of the Texas A&M Veterinary School barbecues chickens and corn for the diggers at his nearby Ranch on the Brazos River. It is one of our great annual field trips

Houston Gem & Mineral Society and the Proctor Museum wish to express our appreciation to Holy Trinity United Methodist Church and the United Methodist Men who invited us to put on this program at the Fellowship Hall of Holy Trinity, on June 27, 2009 between 10 AM and 2 PM.