(location and some details)

This section is intended to provide some additional details on trips regularly taken, in order not to clutter up the TRIPS page. Some readers may want more details, so here they are:

WHISKEY BRIDGE aka STONE CITY FORMATION on the Brazos River, between Bryan and Caldwell, Texas.

The Stone City Formation is located just West of 'Whiskey Bridge', over the Brazos River, on State Highway 21 going from Bryan toward Caldwell, Texas. Immediately after crossing the Bridge, going towards Caldwell, pull off on the shoulder (you can see where vehicles have parked for years here) and park, but stay away from the railroad tracks. Walk East toward the Brazos River and down the embankment. You should see where you can turn North, i.e. to your left, going through some cane and poison ivy (so be careful--also a small cotton mouth was once found here). Go carefully along the ledge and work your way down to the bluff on the West side of the Brazos River.

The fossils here are marine to marginal (i.e. some are marine and others are in the margin between marine and non-marine environments) fossils from the middle Eocene Epoch, i.e. about 45,000,000 YBP.

You will be digging in relatively hard dirt and some of the shells are very fragile (especially the bi-valves--the gastropods are more durable). You will find large numbers of marine shells here. The conus shells are especially nice, when you don't break one by being too strenuous in going after a dig area. Dig what you want and the area is legal to dig in--however, don't waste fossils by collecting huge quantities you don't really need. Houston Gem & Mineral Society's Paleo Section has access to the new Emerson publication on this site which is very valuable if you want to identify what you have found.

We will add more to this later, but this will get you started.