What the heck is an index fossil?

Wouldn't it be nice as well as useful, if one could travel the Earth and no matter where they were, they could tell the geological age of a formation where they were digging?

That's where "INDEX FOSSILS" come in.

From time and study, in many countries by many persons, evidence has been deduced that certain types of living things existed throughout the Earth for a limited time. Hence, no matter where one is on Earth, when you get into the layer or formation where that particular living thing existed for a time, you may find fossils of that life form. Since these "Index Fossils" only lived for a limited time, but had a wide range, if not Worldwide, their fossils may be used to determine the pretty exact age of that formation or strata of the Earth.

This page is still under construction, but perhaps this brief explanation may assist you in now knowing what an "Index Fossil" basically is and how they are useful. Check back and we will try to show some index fossils later. Index fossils are often important to folks like oil company geologists.