Board of Directors Meeting


{Please bring your HGMS BOD Notebook to this Meeting}

  1. Board Meeting shall be called to Order by President-determine that a quorum is present to proceed.

  2. MINUTES-motion to approve as published in the last BBG.

  3. TREASURER'S REPORT with any discussion.

  4. SECTION REPORTS, then Group Reports [if any report is desired to be presented and in alphabetical order: Day Light; Faceting; Lapidary; Mineral; Paleo; & Youth. Groups Beading; Anthropology.

  5. Other Reports: BBG; Library; Shop; Show (Scott says no report this month);


    Vote to be taken at August 26 Meeting on Code of Professional Conduct including the HGMS Policy on Children, now published in July BBG. Any discussion on vote or presentation on either

    c. Education Program of HGMS
    is now underway with a Director, Bill Rogers

  7. d. Stop Black Order placed.

    HGMS standard form and policy on future Scholarships. Scheduled to be voted on by the BOD at this meeting.

    Dues matter to be submitted to the membership to vote on for 2009 dues increases. Report from Rodney, Karen and Terry on this Committee

    card matter--we need to obtain a copy of our 501c3 acceptance from IRS, which I don't presently have, instead of our corporate charter which I have.

    Other Old Business


    July 22 program will be ??? at the moment. I have attempted to contact Jim Gedeon to do a program on artifacts at the suggestion of HGMS member Fernando Llorente. So far my calls have not been answered, but we will have a program in time to get into the August BBG. Dr. Patrick J. Lewis is to put on our program on August 26, 2008 regarding his dig this summer. He is digging in the Koanaka Hills which lay in a remote corner of northwestern Botswana. Caves within these hills contain fossil deposits that date between 2 million and 500,000 years old. This should be a good program followed on September 23 by the NASA program.

    2008 HGMS Facilities Committee will hold a meeting on July 16, 2008 @ 7:30 P.M. at the Clubhouse to discuss all information acquired to date; 1. Are additional facilities needed; 2. what portion of the clubhouse are improvements or additional facilities needed; 3. Report from Matt on what information he has to date, i.e. persons whom he has talked with and other information he has obtained; 4. what properties are available presently; 5. should HGMS go forward with setting up a 'BUILDING FUND' whether we are going forward at this time or not, but to start collecting funds so when the time comes we do need to expand, make repairs, and/or other improvements, we would have the funds collected already to undertake at least the startup of such project(s)? The Physical Facilities Committee is charged with providing an interim report to the BOD at the August 5, BOD Meeting. Depending upon the report at that time, a final report to the BOD is to be made at the September 2, 2008 BOD Meeting to have something to give to the membership to vote on in November, when they elect new officers. This item has been floating around since the 2007 BOD and we need to move forward on determining if we need to suggest this to the membership or not, this year.

    c. Question regarding application from a blind lady, Krisha Hagler, 13000 Hymeadow Dr. Apt 302, Austin, TX 78729--512/336-5622 email khagler@Austin.rr.com, who wants to be a member from Austin and use our shop. Do we need any parameters regarding who can be a member and what facilities they can us and on the question of safety in our shop, understanding there may be insurance issues. Austin club denied her membership. What are our interests in potential discrimination vs. potential liability?

    d. Loan of 2 Genie machines to Geopalooza @ HMNS, at Neal Immega's request. I said OK--do we need to discuss?

    Any other matters to come before the BOD;

  9. Motion to Adjourn

     Your additions to the Agenda are welcomed. However, please notify the President as soon as possible, after receiving this Agenda by email, of anything you wish to have added to the Agenda. This will allow us to get through the meeting as expeditiously as possible in an organized manner. Thank you.

     Reminder on procedure. Motions require a second and a vote, usually with a majority required to pass the motion. Amended motions require a second and vote, prior to the vote on the main motion. A motion without a second dies for lack of a second--there is no vote.

My NOTEBOOK is missing and I thought I may have left it at the Clubhouse. I could not find it there. If anyone may have seen it, please let me know as I had some papers in it I really need. Thank you.