Plan to attend the 2009 Show Nov. 13-15
at the Humble Civic Center

One of the really GREAT organizations in Houston, for folks interested in Earth Science, Natural Science and Jewelry Making is the HOUSTON GEM & MINERAL SOCIETY (HGMS).

For a great deal of information on HGMS, go to the HGMS website, which is http://www.hgms.org.

HGMS Board of Directors Meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 P.M.

Meetings are open to all members who wish to sit in. If you want something on the Agenda which is pertinent to the conduct of HGMS operation, please contact President, Terry Proctor @ (713) 453-8338 a reasonable time in advance to request such item be placed on the Agenda.

If you are interested in special upcoming events for HGMS or any of its sections, click here to go to HGMS-EVENT DATES and the First Orientation Meeting Booklet can be seen here. The cover is separate--click here.

If you are a member of Houston Gem & Mineral Society and want to have a Sale or Auction for the General Club, there are now Mandatory Rules for Sales and Auctions. These do not apply to the Silent Auctions held at most General Club Meetings or to Sections, but to all General Club Sales and Auctions other than these. Click her to see the MANDATORY SALE AND AUCTION RULES.

You can find information on HGMS Sections, Officers and Directors on the website.

If you want to join HGMS, there is an Application Form and dues information on the website.

For more information on this website, which also may involve HGMS members and activities, you may click here on MASTER INDEX; or for quick access, click here to go to BIOGRAPHIES; or ARTICLES; or PLACES AND TRIPS.


The Houston Gem and Mineral Society was originally founded as the Houston Rock and Lapidary Club on December 7, 1948. Not too long after the Club was started, the name was changed to Houston Gem and Mineral Society. The Paleo Section, which is the largest section of HGMS was started by Irene Offeman and one other member of HGMS.

Folks who are interested in rocks, minerals, fossils, gemstones, jewelry making and related interests are invited to visit and/or join the HGMS, which has members from "Pebble Puppies" (very young through teens) to very senior Seniors. In short, this is a great hobby organization but one where you will also find professionals, who are quite willing to give their time and expertise to those who are just learning about nature's hidden secrets from the Earth.

HGMS has various Sections to fit any interest (and many belong to more than one section), which are, in alphabetical order:


BEADING GROUP (not a Section): This group meets on the forth Wednesday at 7:00 P.M.

DAYLIGHT SECTION: This is a general interest section, for those whom attending evening meetings is difficult. Generally this is the Senior Citizens Section. Meets on the second Monday at noon. Chair is Dr. Frances Arrighi.

FACETING SECTION: Cutting and setting gemstones and jewelry making. Classes in this are taught at HGMS. Meets on the second Wednesday at 7:30 P.M. Chair is Patricia Hildbold.

LAPIDARY SECTION: Collecting, cutting, shaping and polishing for display and for jewelry. This includes spheres, cabochons, picture stones and other interests. Meets on the third Monday at 7:30 P.M. Program Chair is Edward Clay.

MINERAL SECTION: Collecting and studying minerals in their unaltered state. This Section has field trips during the year. Meets on the first and third Wednesday at 7:30 P.M. Chair is Steve Blyskal.

PALEONTOLOGY SECTION {or just Paleo Section}: Collecting, preparation {i.e. cleaning and stabilizing}, identification and display of fossils and other artifacts. This Section regularly takes field trips (often monthly) to fossiliferous areas, to collect and identify fossils. Classes in Paleontology are taught at HGMS. Meets on the third Tuesday at 7:30 P.M. Chair is Lexy Bieniek.

YOUTH SECTION: For young people ages 5 to 17, which meets on Saturdays. However, youth participate in many of the other sections, including field trips. Meets on the first and third Saturdays from 10:00 A.M. until 12:00 noon. Chair is Beverly Mace.

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING: Meets on the fourth Tuesday at 7:30 P.M.


President is Terrell William 'Terry' Proctor, J.D.
First Vice-Pres. is D. R. 'Matt' Dillon
Second Vice-Pres. is Beverly Mace
Secretary is Regina Gorman
Treasurer is Rodney Linehan
Past President is open-Pres. was reelected
Day Light Section Representative is Nancy Fischer
Faceting Section Representative is Sunday Bennett
Lapidary Section Representative is Phyllis George
Mineral Section Representative is Denise Bicknell
Paleo Section Representative is Rick Rexroad

Editor, BackBenders Gazette, official monthly publication of HGMS, is Phyllis George

WebMaster, http://www.hgms.org, official website of HGMS, is Phyllis George

SHOW COMMITTEE: Meets on the second Tuesday at 7:30 P.M. Chair is Sigrid Stewart and Asst. Chair is Richard 'Rick' Rexroad

HGMS BOARD: Meets on the first Tuesday at 7:30 P.M.

Single Adult ………………………..$40.00 Youth….....…………………………………$25.00
Couple ……………………….……..$60.00 Family (all members in one house) ……$75.00
Lifetime membership $500.00
Membership form can be printed and mailed to HGMS or you can fill one out at a meeting

If you would like to join, click on APPLICATION here. Mail the form to HGMS at the address shown with your check OR you may send your Application and Check, to the PMNS, at our address on this website, and we will forward it to HGMS. Make your check out to HGMS.

November 13-15, 2009 @ the Humble Civic Center

Paleontology Section
Field Trip Leader
Dr. Neal Immega @
2001 HGMS Show in Humble
w/replica of the head of Stan
a Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur

Here is the information copied from the HGMS Website
(http://www.hgms.org) on the 2009 Show:

Houston Gem and Mineral Society
59th Annual
Gem, Jewelry, Mineral and Fossil Show
November 13-15, 2009
Humble Civic Center
which is 5 miles east of Bush Int'l Airport
Friday 9-6 Saturday 9-6 Sunday 10-5

Tickets for this year's show are: $7 for adults with a $1 discount for students (with ID), teachers and seniors age 65 or older.

One ticket is good for all three days of the show.

Children under 11 and accompanied by an adult, are FREE!

Parking is FREE

For DIRECTIONS to the 2009 Show, GO to the HGMS Website http://www.hgms.org.

We hope to see you at a meeting soon of the HGMS. It is a great hobby and certainly gets you out into the fresh air for a really creative experience.

Would you like to be the first human EVER to see a million year old fossil? Or find a valuable gemstone or mineral specimen? Or facet a gem? OR make a piece of jewelry to wear?

You can and HGMS members regularly have these exciting experiences.

If you would like to read some scientific articles by award winning writers from the Houston Gem & Minerals Society, click on ARTICLES here, to go to the Articles Master Page, then select the title you wish to read and click on it, to go to that Article.

We will be adding additional articles from time to time to this section of this Web Site. Most of the Articles are written by members of the HGMS, some of whom are also members of the PMNS as well.

We will be adding more information on the HGMS on this page from time to time, so keep visiting--and contact the HGMS to visit this interesting, educational, informational and exciting organization in the Harris County, Texas area.