From time to time things happen at the Museum to which your attention needs to be directed or permanent notice made of such item. This page lists this so that you can use it as an index to find such notices. CLICK ON A LINK

4 October 2010--Burglary and Theft of important exhibits and artifacts from Proctor Museum.

17 August 2009--Theft of Expedition Trailer used by the Proctor Museum, together with Hadrosaurus dinosaur bones, other fossils, many Yellow Stone River agates, camping equipment, digging equipment, tools, large aluminum tool box, home-made four drawer cabinet full us supplies and many other items.

21 September 2008--Damage to Proctor Museum by Hurricane Ike.

This is a work in progress started in October, 2010--other prior matters and future matters will be added. The last two items shown will be set up and a link to them added shortly.