Burglary and Theft of important items from the
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Since 1989, the North Channel Area has had totally FREE the PROCTOR MUSEUM OF NATURAL SCIENCE, INC. [PMNS] Presentations have been made at schools, civic groups, Scouts, churches, senior centers and an over 1,500 page website at The PMNS is a Texas "not for profit" corporation and an IRS 501c3 tax exempt organization.

On or about October 4, 2010, some person(s) broke into the museum and stole many important things which were on display. Because of the nature of the things taken, it would appear that the break-in may have been by one or more youths. These items may show up in your classroom as "Show and Tell" OR it may come to your attention that an item or items may be shown to fellow students with "bragging rights" of what neat thing(s) they have. A partial list is shown here with some attachments (some in color to assist you in identification).

I request that you read this list, and look at the photos of items which I had photos of. If any of these items appear to your view, please notify me at once, so that I can attempt to recover all items and return them for display to the public in this wholly free area natural science museum. The PMNS is located one lot off Uvalde and Louisville Road, across the street from my law office at 630 Uvalde Road. Many of these items were due to displayed by the Proctor Museum in its displays at the Humble Civic Center, for the Houston Gem & Mineral Society Show on November 12-14, 2010.

Some of of the stolen items I had dug on various expeditions, some I had prepared for display and had displayed in the past. Some items I had purchased for display in the museum and before groups I spoke to. Most of the stolen items have little ability to be sold commercially. However, the value to the public, in the PMNS being able to study and put the items on view is great. I have spent many thousands of dollars gathering the scientific exhibits for the public to enjoy free for over 20 years. Some were collected from trips to Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Florida and other States, as well as Texas. These expeditions are costly and therefore the items are valuable scientifically.

YOUR HELP IS URGENTLY REQUESTED to try to recover these items before they are lost, sold or given away. About a year ago, my utility trailer, which was used for the Museum, was stolen for the second time from my law office. It was full of equipment, dinosaur bones, and minerals, and trip equipment, which was a big loss to the Museum. Now the loss of these exhibits really hurts our ability to continue to provide this free service to our community.

Here is a partial list of things stolen:
8 arrow points, removed from a panel of arrow heads (see photo of panel before and after the theft below).
1 loose arrow point, red and yellow flint. This is the only arrow point I ever found myself--it is on a green background shown below.
Centipede carved from prehistoric Alaskan elephant or walrus ivory, found by Eskimos, and carved in Indonesia. This is probably the most valuable thing stolen. It is a delicate and extraordinary piece of art work. It is about 4" to 5" in length.
Approximately 3 to 5 trilobites (see a photo of three). These are either beige or black and look somewhat like large pill bugs, i.e. they can curl up (enroll) and they have segmented bodies. Some have antennae and most are about the size of a silver dollar;
Approximately 6 dinosaur claws from various raptor dinosaurs (each is about 1.5" to 2" each)--I don't find a photo of them.
3 or 4 Venus Comb Murex shells (see photo)
3 pieces of coprolite (fossilized poop--looks somewhat like human feces). There is a good likelihood these will be shown for laughs as they look like real modern poop--although millions of years old--I don't find a photo.
Small slab of dark green Jade--approximately 4" long by 1.5" to 2" wide by 1/4" thick.
4 Turquoise semi-precious stones.
a number of 45,000,000 year old fossil shells in black flat boxes with glass lids;
several large shells including a chambered nautilus (large white shell with brown markings;
some 35,000,000 fossil fish from Kemmerer, Wyoming--very flat and they are brown on tan rock;
some minerals and many other things, as I have not had a chance to do a complete inventory yet. The insect cases, also in the flat black boxes with glass tops, were opened and the insects (butterflies, moths and many other insects) were apparently intentionally just destroyed. One large cast of a prehistoric animal was knocked off a rack and broken. It appears some of the library books are missing and I believe a number of loose arrow points were also stolen. A plaster mold of a dinosaur metataursal was destroyed--maybe dropped and broken. There are other missing things but I not yet completed the inventory of stolen and destroyed things.

Additionally, three burglar bars were bent up and one of the metal brackets holding the bars where they were screwed into the inside window frame was chiseled out. However, I believe entry was eventually made by getting the front door lock open.

See photos with some explanations shown, of some of the items stolen.

Collection of 15 arrow points from Harris County area collected from past approximately 50+ years by a now deceased man
Before Theft
Same collection after 8 points were stolen by prying them off plaque--a loss of important Harris County artifacts
After Theft
Venus Comb Murex Shell approximately 4 of these were stolen-size 3-3.5" long
Very delicate and breakable
Reedops deckeri Trilobite. 1 of at least three stolen. Partially enrolled. Size 1.5" Reedops deckeri Trilobite. T his is one of at least 3 different trilobites which were stolen. Size 1.5"-small but valuable. Russian Trilobite. Fully enrolled, i.e. rolled up, which they did for protection. Size 1-1.5"
Manganese Dendrites
These are pseudo fossils. Minerals which seeped between rock layers and look like plants. Each piece is about 3" long
Indian arrowhead from Pumpkin Center, Colorado. Irreplaceable as it is the only arrowhead I have personally found. About 1.5" long Titanothere Phalanx-Toe Bone from Harrison, Nebraska size is about 1.5" - 2"
Possibly the most valuable thing stolen is this hand carved centipede from some prehistoric elephant or walrus ivory from Alaska. Length is about 4" to 5" Titanothere partial jaw with teeth. Size about 6" by 6" or larger. Teeth are lavender-grayish color
Azurite on Malachite
Sizeable chunk of rock
probably 1-1.5 pounds
6" high, wide and deep
Valuable specimen
Epidote--rough chunk and four polished gemstones,
Looks like jade
Dug and polished by me.
Valuable gemstone
four pieces

For 21 years the Proctor Museum has provided free educational service to the North Channel Area and all over Harris County. Now we are asking for your assistance in trying to recover these items and others stolen, and if possible our trailer stolen a year ago (see photo below).

Thank you. Terrell William "Terry" Proctor, J.D.--Board Chairman, Curator and major donor to the Proctor Museum of Natural Science, Inc. 630 Uvalde Road, Houston, Texas 77015-3766

(713) 453-8338 [law office] or (713) 453-8363 [Proctor Museum] FAX (713) 453-3232

Trailer stolen in August, 2009 while chained up with Krypton cable and lock in the tongue to prevent theft. Stolen from law office at 630 Uvalde Road with contents of dinosaur fossils, tools, large tool box, agates, four drawer cabinet full of digging & medical supplies and other contents. Also camping equipment of a tent, double bed roll, aluminum table, three spare tires and rims, and a lot of other equipment stored in the trailer believing it was secure. Note UPS roll up rear door which special equipment not normally found on a utility trailer, plus the bevel down front to reduce drag when pulling. This was a special made trailer. Both the trailer and the contents are sought, but the dinosaur bones are important finds that need to be recovered.