Quartz is basically as clear as glass. In fact, glass is made of quartz, with a smattering of other chemicals. When dug up in Arkansas as your Curator has done, it may be the color of the background, behind the word QUARTZ, above. The next step is to put it into a plastic tub Oxalic Acid for a week or two in the hot sun, and voila, you have beautiful crystal clear quartz.

We will be filling in a good bit of information on this vital mineral (in fact without quartz, the silicon chip in the computer composing this page, could not operate.

For now, we will direct to you a page, where some of the most beautiful quartz comes from, in Arkansas. Click here for ARKANSAS QUARTZ.

Shortly I will be adding some graphics on smoky quartz collected at Pike National Forest, which is a beautiful gem stone quality quartz.

Please be patient with us as we build this page and others on minerals.