Oklahoma has a great many areas to collect fossils, minerals and gemstones. We will be listing a number of them in the future

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To see some really great Pennsylvanian Epoch (300,000,000 year old) fossils. please click here to visit the TULSA SPINE HOSPITAL fossil collection page. This fossils were collected there with the consent and support of the Tulsa Spine Hospital Board of Directors, Administrator, Doctors, Contractor and John, the heavy equipment operator.


For Your Information:

If you are celebrating the 2007 Oklahoma Centennial, this year, you might want to go to http://www.wellduh.us. There you will see authentic 1957 Semi-Centennial "Tulsarama" antique souvenirs, which you can purchase. These are items which the Curator of the Proctor Museum of Natural Science has saved for 50 years, from when he worked for "Tulsarama", in 1857, which was sponsored by the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce.