Occasionally on field trips, one stumbles upon something in nature, which gives you pause. Carrying out heavy bags of Pennsylvanian epoch, Archaeocidaris spiny sea urchins, from below the Brownwood Lake Spillway, was far more than tiring. It was totally exhausting. What a pleasant surprise, on my first trip out, to see this "heart-shaped" cactus there to express its thorny love. I have no idea what caused this unusual growth from a normal almost round cactus pad. Perhaps some limb or twig rested on top of the cactus pad as it grew, then was blown or knocked off leaving the indentation in the top, to form a heart.

I showed the heart-shaped Prickly Pear cactus pad to PMNS 2003-2004 President, David Wolf, who had invited me on this dig. I commented that if sent to someone else, at Valentine's Day, it might send a "mixed signal". After we both laughed, David commented "love hurts". That seemed appropriate. I photographed the cactus and unbeknownst to me at the time, David harvested it and brought it home. Therefore, I was able to shoot a better picture of it using my new eArt Scanning technique, than the photograph. I then copyrighted the picture and comment, and we have put them on Tee Shirts, as shown on this page.

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