One of those freaks of nature, on the Brownwood trip, there appeared a cactus, thorns and all, shaped like a Valentine Heart. PMNS Curator, Terry Proctor, saw the cactus, took a few pictures of it, then showed it to PMNS 2003-2004 President, David Wolf, commenting that getting it as a Valentine would certainly send mixed messages. David quipped back "Love Hurts" and both laughed. David decided to take the cactus pad with them back to Houston. Terry replaced some missing thorns, with some from a cactus at his law office, then scanned it using his eArt Scanning Technique. and added the "Love Hurts" quip. Here is the result, on a tee shirt, copyrighted by T. W. Proctor, 2003. The tee shirts can be ordered from the PMNS Gift Shop.