This is a fun page, for you to determine what an object is--then click on the answer page to find out if you are right. Some of these items appear on other pages on this web site, so you may even have already seen an object and know what it is before you get to this page.

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What is it #1
Can you name all
three of the fish?
What is it #2
Prehistoric ferns?
Sweet Alyssum?
Manganese Dendrites?
Solar switches?
What is it #3
Fish food pellets?
Tortoise claws?
Dinosaur coprolite?
Fossilized mushrooms?
What is it #4
Reptile nose?
Rare orchid blossom?
Sonar device?
Banana bud?
What is it #5
Underwater radio transmitter?
Stone with a twig?
Space ship and antennae?
Holdfast of marine life?
What is it #6
Undersea Coral?
Head of snake buried in sand?
Rocks on Mars surface?
What is it #7
Hadrosaurus Chevron bone?

Indian artifact marker?
Anteater nose bone?
What is it #8
Dinosaur ovary?
Mini Volcano?
Reef-Building Tube Worm tubes?
Drinking straws from the beach?
What is it #9
Rough diamonds?

Calcite crystals in fossil bone?
Quartz crystals from space?
snow cone dropped on beach?
What is it #10
Chinese toy dolls?
Japanese Yew berries?
Peruvian tomb items?
Thailand Rabbit droppings?
What is it #11
Maple Seed?
Child's Whirligig Toy?
Chewing Tobacco Leaves?
Oak Leaf & Roach Wing?
What is it #12
Collection of Grenades?
Transylvanian Nuts?
Tomato Worm Castings?
Sand boring snails?
What is it #13
Lichen on dead oak branch?
Antennae for space travel?
New species of Manta Ray?
Flying Squirrel landing on branch?
What is it #14
BP Polluting drill pipes?
Crinoid stems & Horn Coral?
Lepidodendron underground roots ?
Tools used on Space Station?
What is it #15
Gall on Oak branch?
Symbol 314th Army Ordinance Division?
Sponge on Marine plant?
Fresh picked Peach?

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