The Warfield Quarry is an excellent place to dig for the Green River Fossils of fish and other marine life and other Eocene (50 MYA fossils. The Warfield Quarry is located near Kemmerer, in the Southwestern corner of Wyoming (see map below and link to map).)

The fee for digging is understood currently to be $30 for a 1 hour dig; $60 for 4 hours; $100 per day (8 AM to 4PM) per person. Children under 12 are half price. Warfield Quarry used to have and may still have a restroom with a hot shower. When I was there originally you can park your RV, car, or tent and all that was included in the daily dig fee. You need to check them on line or contact them by email to determine what is and is not available.

You are allowed to keep the more common type of fish (knightia, Diplomystus, Priscacara liops, and a few others). However, the Quarry retains the rights to the more rare things, such as stingrays, crocodiles, palm leaves and all of the rarer fish and other things you might find.

You may also purchase fossils at the location or by mail.

Owneris Rick Hebdon and he is assisted by
Tanya Hester who is also at the Quarry
Warfield Springs Fossil Quarries
2072 S. Muddy String Road,
Thayne, Wyoming 83127 U.S.A.
(307) 883-2445
This is near Kemmerer, Wyoming

Their website is: http://www.fossilsafari.com