Wyoming is not only a State with wide open spaces, cowboys, rodeos, mountains and in which you will find Yellowstone National Park; Grand Teton National Park; Fossil Butte National Monument; Big Horn Canyon National Recreational Area; and many other beautiful and wonderful places to visit, but you will find some of the best fossil hunting in the nation.

Here are some pages on this web site for fossils in WYOMING:

COMO BLUFF - dinosaur fossil locations

FOSSIL BUTTE NATIONAL MONUMENT - fossil fish, palms, alligators and other marine life.

WARFIELD QUARRY located near Kemmerer, Wyoming, here are some of the best fossil fish (and other marine life--same general area as Fossil Butte National Monument. Great people, reasonable fees, and really good fossils.

The link for the web site for WARFIELD QUARRY = http://www.fossilsafari.com

The link to the map for WARFIELD QUARRY = http://www.fossilsafari.com/safari/map.html